Database contents

The main classes of object represented in this database are the "accession", the "microsatellite profile" and the "ampelographic characteristics".

A new accession can be inserted in the database if there is at least the polymorphism of the 9 microsatellite loci indicated in the GrapeGen06 EU-project. The accessions are grouped in "variety" on the basis of their microsatellite profile. With the purpose of reducing the error in the identification of accessions, the microsatellite profiles are automatically "standardised" by the software on the basis of some specific "reference accessions".

To the accessions, in addition to the microsatellite profile and the ampelographic characteristics, are associated the "ampelometric characteristics", the "literature", the "area of origins", and a series of information on the diffusion and technological characteristics of its production.

Another important class is the "submitter", that represents the scientific Institution that analysed the microsatellite profile and collected other information associated with the accession inserted in the database. Moreover, there will be a series of "statistical information" on the microsatellite loci and on the pedigree of analysed varieties.